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Audiophile is a high-energy, professional musical team with over 80 years of combined experience. 


Steph "Roo" | Lead Vocal

Roo is Cleveland born and raised and spent time performing professionally in Chicago after graduating from college at John Carroll University.
Her love for performance was nurtured her whole life with a decade long membership in Cleveland’s Singing Angels, professional dance training and multiple performances with local musical theatre groups.
In recent years, she has continued to use her love for performance by moonlighting as a “Disney Princess” with Second Star to the Right LLC and A Special Wish Foundation. Roo has spent the last couple years performing with various 80s bands and acoustic acts.
She is really looking forward to watching this passion project come to fruition and giving Cleveland a new twist on live performance.


Keith "Sheet Cake" | Lead Guitar

Sheets discovered his love of music at an early age as he listened to his parents albums from bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Simon and Garfunkle.
At 12 years old he saw a family friend playing guitar at a picnic and became completely enthralled as he recreated so many of the songs that he had heard and loved. He got his first electric guitar in high school and spent every possible free moment playing. His first band was in college playing 80s hair metal with friends.
He has been in original and cover bands for many years now and played a wide variety of music all over northeast Ohio but loves to recreate the hits that everyone wants to hear. Sheets lives with his wife and daughter in Macedonia and is endorsed by Paul Reed Smith guitars (OK not really, but seriously, Paul, give a guy a call?)


Bart | Bass Guitar

Bart began his musical journey playing guitar as a wee-pup before becoming a teen and then discovered bands with amazing low-frequencies and complex playing that caused an obsession to pick up the bass. He’s played in original and cover bands throughout NE Ohio and some fun shows in PA and WV. He’s also played the role of recording engineer, producer, and musician in a fun original music project.
As a creative designer, builder he also designs and builds his own instruments and you'll see him playing his own headless basses live.

Brad | keys

Brad's love of performing music started in the early 1980s when he was just a teenager. His early influences include bands such as Journey, Loverboy, Night Ranger, and Styx.
Brad started out as a guitar player but quickly fell in love with keyboards and synths. He has been a lifelong resident of Lake County and currently lives in Mentor.
By day he teaches high school science at Chardon High School. Brad has played in several area classic rock cover bands and tribute bands over the years and is in his "happy place" performing live on stage in front of an energetic crowd.


Mark | Drums

Mark has been banging drums for most of his life. His love for the drums started at an early age, because his older brother Terry played drums. Mark can remember sneaking down the basement and playing Terry’s drums when he wasn’t home, always making sure to put everything back the way he found it or suffer the consequences of Terry finding out his drums were tampered with. Mark’s been in many Northeast Ohio cover bands over the years. He currently bangs on Tama drums with Evans drumheads and crashes Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. Although not a flashy drummer, Mark is steady and consistent and always strives to cover the drum parts as closely as possible to the original recordings. Mark’s major drumming influences mostly came from his younger days, including Neil Peart (Rush), Phil Ehart (Kansas) and Steve Smith (Journey), just to name a few. However, one of Mark’s biggest drumming influences will always be his brother, Terry. When he’s not drumming or working at his day job, Mark likes to spend time with his wife and their three daughters…..and his two grand-dogs, Blu and Milo.

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